Palm, Pigskin, Premium, Grain: #8790


Pigskin offers the greatest breathability due to large pores in the hide. It is ideal for wet applications given its tendency to remain soft after exposure to moisture. Cordova Safety Products grades leather according to the area on the hide from which it is cut. The premium-grade leather from side of the hide receives the least amount of movement, which makes it most durable due to the density of fibers. This premium, grain, leather pigskin palm is offered in a variety of colors and features a gunn cut pattern, the most common pattern for work gloves and rubberized safety cuff.

  • Premium Grain Pigskin Leather Palm
  • Assorted Fabric Colors: Yellow, Red, Blue & Green
  • Rubberized Safety Cuff
  • Gunn Pattern
  • Sizes: S-L


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