Sleeve, Ripcord™ High-Tenacity Nylon, 18 Inch, A2 Cut: #3738G2T


The Cordova Safety Products-brand RipCord™ sleeves are made with high-tenacity nylon, the same nylon fiber/cord used to reinforce automobile tires. It is s multi-filament fiber, which makes it smooth and soft. RipCord sleeves are comfortable and an economical choice. They provide a cut resistance good for incidental contact with sharp materials. This RipCord sleeve is nylon/cotton plaited. It features a  2-inch gusset at the bicep for improved fit, a thumb slot, and an 18-inch length.

  • High Tenacity Nylon/Cotton Plaited Sleeve
  • Thumb Slot
  • 18-Inch Length
  • 2-Inch Gusset at Bicep
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Also Available: #3739G4T – 4-Inch Gusset


  • ANSI Cut Level 2: 671 grams
  • Safe for Food Contact


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