Welder, Cowhide, Economy, Split, Shoulder, Lined: #7600


Cordova Safety Products grades leather according to the area on the hide from which it is cut. The premium-grade leather comes from side or shoulder and from areas higher on the animal that receive the least amount of movement. The standard/regular and economy cuts are selected from the middle and lower portions of the hide, making them thinner than other grades, but still durable and more economical.  These economy, split shoulder, cowhide leather welding gloves feature a full sock lining and fully welted seams. They provide a wing thumb for open-handed work and a two-piece back.

  • Economy Split Shoulder Cowhide Leather
  • Gray Color
  • Wing Thumb
  • Two-Piece Back
  • Full Sock Lining
  • Fully Welted Seams
  • Size: XL


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