Welder, Cowhide, Tuf-Cor™, Select, Shoulder, Split, Lined: #7650


CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS grades leather according to the area on the hide from which it is cut. The premium-grade leather comes from side or shoulder and from areas higher on the animal that receive the least amount of movement. Select-grade leather is selected from the areas of the hide that don’t quite make the Premium grade, but are still a higher-quality leather.  Cowhide is comfortable, durable, breathable and offers excellent abrasion- and heat-resistance. The CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS brand Tuf-Cor™ select shoulder split, leather welder features a full sock lining and fully welted seams. It is Aramid-sewn for increased durability and strength and offers a wing thumb, for open-handed work.

  • Select Shoulder Split Cowhide Leather
  • Gray Color
  • Wing Thumb
  • Aramid Sewn
  • Full Sock Lining
  • Fully Welted Seams
  • Size: XL


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